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Our Roots are Speaking

Through its partnership with SABC Education the PMP will communicate messages that give broad information using Edutainment as a model for programming. Using prime time slots on television and radio, these programmes will be supported by print materials that ensure synergy.

SABC Education has initiated television programming aligned to the objectives of the Parliamentary Millennium Project by publishing a Tender Invitation at the 2003 Sithengi Film Festival. This invitation is for proposals for the following:

Perspectives on and of Africa
African Sky Mapping
Looking Back Moving Forward

“Perspectives on and of Africa”

4 episodes of 24 minutes duration; special documentaries for SABC 3:
The overall objective of SABC Education and the PMP is to illustrate how our perspectives of the past have influenced who we are today and how engaging the perspectives can assists us to move forward and take ownership of our future as South Africans.

The series objectives are:

  • To harness the potential of our diverse perspectives into a process that maps a way forward for our new nation

  • To make visible and assert our African identity

  • To build bridges of understanding among South Africans

  • Using concepts emerging from the PMP exhibitions, the series should make a dynamic contribution to our nation's knowledge stock, and foster an appreciation of our rich heritage.

  • The series will build a sustained interest in the progress of our democracy as we celebrate out “10 years of Freedom”.

The series outcomes are:

  • The viewer will evaluate and critically debate our received history

  • The viewer will engage and understand a range of perspectives and be able to relate it to their own experience

  • The viewer will gain an understanding of relevant ways of seeing ourselves and the world around us.

  • The series must promote an understanding of democracy

  • It must fit in the SABC 3 positioning

  • It must be cost effective and sustainable with a long shelf life.


The Parliamentary Millennium Programme 2008 | Parliament of the Republic of South Africa