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General History of Africa

After much negotiation the Department of Education had acquired the rights to reproduce the UNESCO General History of Africa. Permission was received for the reproduction of abridged versions of Volumes 1 – 8 and the addition of Volume 9 to address the period post 1990. To make the General History of Africa accessible to educators, the Department have designed the following package:

Abridged Volumes 1 – 8 of the General History of Africa
Volume 9, A supplementary book covering Africa post 1990
Educator’s Guide including activities for use in classrooms

A CD containing historical and iconic artefacts
Posters of maps, a history methodology chart
The PMP have contributed a chapter entitled: “Perspectives and the Mapping of Africa”
as well as a poster series for use in the classroom.



The Parliamentary Millennium Programme 2008| Parliament of the Republic of South Africa