PROJECTS Heritage Month 2003

Heritage Month 2003

Our Roots are Speaking

A workshop hosted by the Parliamentary Millennium Programme formed part of a weeklong event, concluding a national schools competition administered by the Department of Education, and was held to coincide with the celebrations for Heritage Month in September 2003.

The schools competition was organised for the Department of Education by the Ministerial Committee of the South African History Project (SAHP) in collaboration with the South African Chapter of the African Renaissance (SACAR) and Spoornet. The theme for the national schools competition was Our Roots are Speaking.

The celebrations culminated in a programme of events from 21 -24 September 2003 at which more than 400 provincial award-winning learners, educators and accompanying officials were hosted in Cape Town.

Spoornet sponsored the transport of learners, educators and accompanying officials by train from main provincial main line stations. With one dedicated train from Johannesburg, learners and educators from Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal, Limpopo and North West provinces, joined the train along the main line to Cape Town.

The train journey symbolised unity in diversity and the union of representatives from all parts of South Africa. All those on the train were engaged in activities around values in education, the African Renaissance and international peace, heritage, the history of the train, rail safety and indigenous games and drumming. Learners and educators were greeted with a reception at Cape Town Station.


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