EXHIBITIONS2002 / 2003/ 2004


10 Years of a Democratic Parliament

In celebration of 10 Years of a Democratic Parliament, the PMP installed an exhibition that explored the steps taken over the last ten years in the creation of a South African society that is non-discriminatory on the basis of gender, race, or disability and where decisions are made by its people. This exhibition presented the milestones that contributed to the development of a “People’s Parliament” and nurturing of a truly democratic society.

“Prints of Perspective”

To coincide with the national events celebrating Youth Day ‘2004, the PMP launched a series of exhibitions of contemporary art. These exhibitions drew on learner's "Perspectives on and of Africa" as a central theme, and the exhibits are all artistically crafted by young artist from the Frank Joubert Art Centre.

The Parliamentary Millennium Programmet (PMP) through its initiatives with Frank Joubert Art Centre (FJAC), together with the Ibhabhathane (Butterfly) Project reaches learners and educators through art. The collaboration is committed to providing innovative visual art and design education to learners and educators of differing abilities, within an inspiring, vibrant and nurturing environment.

A culmination of a year-long collaboration between the PMP and the Ibhabhathane Project, these exhibitions were mounted in various public venues throughout Cape Town and open for public viewing for the month of June.

Concepts emerging from the current PMP exhibition in Parliament were conveyed through classroom storytelling to learners who were then given an opportunity to illustrate their own individual perspectives on African Skylore, Creation stories and mapping their own identity and environment.

The PMP's support ensured public exhibitions of these artworks and contributes to the involvement and participation of more learners from disadvantaged communities.



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