EXHIBITIONS2002 / 2003/ 2004


During 2003, the PMP continued to make steady progress and the level of public interest, particularly in the PMP exhibition exceeded all expectations. Due to public demand the exhibition launched in November 2002 was extended. In August 2003, two special exhibitions were held in the NCOP Gallery to coincide with international events.

Symposium on “The History of Cartography in Africa”
International Cartographers' Association - August 2003

The Commission on the History of Cartography, an organ of the International Cartographic Association (ICA), held a Symposium on “The History of Cartography in Africa” in Cape Town between the 4th to the 6th August 2003. Dr Christopher Board, chairman of the ICA Commission on the History of Cartography, and Professor Elri Liebenberg, ICA vice-president, led the proceedings. Dr Frene Ginwala, Speaker of the National Assembly, opened the symposium with an in-depth presentation on the importance of mapping and the role of the mapmaker in changing and creating perceptions of the world. The symposium comprised a series of lectures on the subject of mapping Africa. This ranged from topics dating back to the 1700s, to modern methods of mapping terrain. Each author discussed significant changes or introduced new material based on archives that have scarcely been touched until now. To coincide with the ICA conference, the PMP, installed a special exhibition showcasing a selection of Parliament's Mendelssohn collection of 15th to early-20th century maps. The exhibition, mounted by Parliament’s curator Dr Rayda Becker and assistant curator Sipho Ndabamba, was held in the NCOP Gallery. It consisted of a number of maps in various stages of conservation displayed in special glass casings. Conference delegates were first taken on a tour of the “Perspectives on and of Africa” exhibition, after which they were escorted to a viewing of the special exhibition.

“2003 IMPACT International Print” Conference

The IMPACT 2003 International Print Conference was hosted at the University of Cape Town's Michaelis School of Fine Art. The purpose of the conference was to bring together printmakers from across the globe to discuss the impact of the medium from a social, political and cultural perspective. Academic papers were presented and lectures delivered by artists, curators and collectors. Panel discussions on print processes, as well as demonstrations and a number of exhibitions, were held. Parliament's Conservation Unit produced a document on parliament's own restoration facilities and the process involved in restoring a map that was on display. The PMP collaborated with the conference organizers and showcased a range of parliament's collection of printed maps. Its aim was also to discuss and show the social, political and cultural impact of maps drawn by early Chinese and European cartographers and to highlight the impact those perceptions had on the continent of Africa and its people.

IMPACT conservation report (PDF)



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