EXHIBITIONS 2002 / 2003/ 2004


The Exhibitions of the Parliamentary Millennium Programme aim to challenge perspectives in the form of its presentation and are used as catalyst for nurturing and consolidating democracy.

March 2002

This exhibition introduced the public to the project’s core theme of Perspectives on and of Africa. It coincided with the Joint sitting of Parliamentarians from the African Caribbean Pacific and European Union (ACP-EU) regions, and set the tone for project activities to follow.

March 2002 Exhibition Brochure (PDF)

June 2002

In celebration of the establishment of the African Union (AU) the PMP organised activities to mark this event. Firstly a digitalised copy of Jean Baptiste D’Anville’s 1772 map of Africa was presented to President Mbeki in his capacity as the first Presiddent of the AU. This map forms part of Parliament’s collection of rare historic maps of Africa. It was presented to the president as a gesture to herald Africa’s new dawn, notwithstaning the continent’s brutish past of colonialism and slavery as captured by the map. A related activity to celebrate African unity was a map exhibition hosted to coincide with the meeting of African Parliamentarians that preceded the launch of the AU. This exhibition consisted of a series of maps that traced Africa’s historical route to unity.

June 2002 Brochure (PDF)

November 2002

The PMP launched a major exhibition that received local, as well as international acclaim. A highlight of this exhibition was the first public display of the Da Ming Hun Yi Tu. This 1389 Chinese map is believed to be the oldest map accurately reflecting the shape of the African continent. Research presented by the PMP in this exhibition stood in stark contrast to European notions of pre-colonial Africa and did much to initiate a critical debate on our received history.

Project Report (PDF)


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