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Stakeholder's Meeting Report I
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Stakeholder's Meeting Report II
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During December 5 – 6, 2007 the Speaker of the National Assembly, Ms. Baleka Mbete, convened the first multi-national stakeholder workshop to brainstorm ideas and proposals for the Commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the battle of Cuito Cuanvale in 2008.

A multi-stakeholder Task Team was formed at this workshop to further explore the feasibility of the proposals put forward by the stakeholders’ forum. Subsequent to its first meeting the Task Team developed a short-term implementation plan, and it formed sub-committees for the portfolios Media and Communications; Conference activities; and, Culture and Sport.

Speaker Mbete convened the second Stakeholders’ Forum on 3 April 2008. The objectives of this meeting were to (1) allow the Task Team an opportunity to report back to the Forum, (2) encourage assessment on the successes achieved and challenges presented thus far, and (3) to discuss the coordination of the remaining part of the short-term programme, as well as the medium to long-term projects.