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The year 2008 marks the 20th Anniversary of the Battle of Cuito Cuanavale. The Commemoration was seen as an ideal opportunity to recommit South African society, through Parliament, to the quest for global solidarity and to pay homage to the thousands of foreign compatriots who paid the ultimate price for ensuring South Africa’s liberation.

The Commemorative Programme entails a multifaceted, multi-national series of projects implemented through short-term, medium-term and long-term activities.

1. To reveal parts of our modern history that was either distorted or ignored by the previous regime.
2. To internalise the values, such as internationalism, global solidarity and selfless human unity that inspired and informed the South African liberation struggle.
3. To strengthen the common pursuit for peace, development and the quest for universal human rights.
4. To create a space for the generations of our people who were involved in the liberation movements, to transfer the values that under pinned the struggles against injustice and suppression, to the next generation.
5. To create partnerships across the erstwhile political and military divide in an attempt to facilitate dialogue towards greater reconciliation in our country’s continued quest to build a united nation, at peace with its past.